“It’s Time We Truly Share The Road”

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Mark Barnett, St. Louis

This was in my “In” box this morning:

“Cycling Savvy is a truly empowering experience,” wrote Mark Barnett, who participated in last weekend’s St. Louis CyclingSavvy workshop.

“The effective classroom session provides students with the right information and motivation to take on the ‘big roads.’ A classmate and I changed our habits that very evening on our ride back to our homes. And I started thinking and riding differently and more safely on my commute. The accompanying tour was just as great. There are roads I wouldn’t dream of driving because they can be a traffic nightmare, but I will ride them on my bike. I believe everyone who gets around on two wheels and their own power can benefit from the class. It will open your eyes and challenge your assumptions about bicycling.

“It’s time we truly share the road.”

On Rosedale

Vernon Avenue in University City

Skinker Boulevard

Brentwood Blvd. at Interstate 64

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  1. Martin Pion
    Martin Pion says:

    A nicely written piece of positive feedback from one of the participants in your latest CyclingSavvy St. Louis course. And consistent with that of others, including my own experience. Keep up the good work, Karen!

    • Karen Karabell
      Karen Karabell says:

      Thank you, Martin. I am both grateful for and deeply appreciative of your support of CyclingSavvy.

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