St. Louis-Area Fall 2015 Workshops

How do we all safely and easily share our public roadways, given the vast variety of our modes of transport? CyclingSavvy knows a secret that the Danish implemented generations ago: Education is key.

CyclingSavvy offers 9.5 action-packed hours of strategy for easy and joyous coexistence on our public roadways. The #1 thing we hear from graduates is that they are more likely to choose bicycling. The #2 thing, or sometimes #1? CyclingSavvy has made them better drivers.

Excellent reading: What We Know and Why Do You Ride Like That?

…and an Excellent Video.

STL-area Fall Workshop information is here.

Photos from the September 2015 Workshop:


Tangela, using a busy road to connect to a desired destination


Jenny, conversing with another driver


It’s OK to be first in the queue. Other drivers typically have no problem with cyclists who are courteous and cooperative


Describing how to easily navigate a truly intimidating intersection…


…and then doing it. Multi-lane roads make it easy for other drivers to pass


A joyous smile, and excellent communication!


We show cyclists how to get intimidating roads all to themselves. There is nothing scary about empty pavement!


September 2015 CyclingSavvy graduates