Holiday Bike Fun

Reflection: On Smiles & Empowerment

As I look back on the year, I realize that this is what I love about CyclingSavvy too. Sharing knowledge, vanquishing crippling beliefs, and empowering people with new possibilities are some of the most rewarding things one can do.

Give the Gift of Empowerment!

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St. Charles To Host CyclingSavvy In January

Bike Stop Cafe Brings CyclingSavvy to St. Charles! Discover…

Smart Moves Video: Preventing Right Hooks

In this video, we examine the two common types of right hook: 1) when a motorist passes a bicyclist and turns right; 2) when a bicyclist rides into the blind spot of a motorist who is turning right. As with most crashes, a right hook can be prevented by one party regardless of error or legal fault on the part of the other. We show how either the bicyclist or the motorist can prevent this conflict.

CyclingSavvy on the Radio

Every year around this time, I am grateful that two bicycle-commuting…

How much could there be to learn? Little did I know!

Beth Gellman unexpectedly discovers confidence, joy and freedom through CyclingSavvy St Louis.


The flyer is also availabe in PDF format at…

Join Our Team for Bike to Work Day!

Friday, May 3 The CyclingSavvy/Retro City Cycles team will be…

Team Meeting

Yesterday, I met with supporters from the CHNA#4 (the group that…

Insight into Incivility on Portland's Johnson Road

This is Johnson Road in South Portland, Maine. This stretch of…