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Bicyclist in crosswalk

Sidewalk Strife

When students in cycling courses ask me “who is at fault” for a given type of crash, I always respond, “The law doesn’t protect you on the road, only in court.” But too often the law won’t protect you in court, either. Cycling on the road gives you the best advantages for both preventing a crash and protecting yourself should one occur.
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Stories From the Road

Communication is the most useful thing that most cyclists never do.
Bike Friday and its trailer at the base of Boise's historic train depot

Biking Out Of Airports

I shuddered and said a prayer for his safety. I fervently hoped the dictum would hold true: Even when done poorly, bicycling is very safe.
Katherine Tynan and her Brompton on public transit

Sweet Success in Skokie

When I booked this trip, riding my bike in Chicago seemed as farfetched as the Cubs winning the World Series.
Gael Boucka of Allentown, PA, discovers the capabilities of his bike in Train Your Bike, CyclingSavvy's parking lot skills session.

Miracle In Bethlehem

Within a few short hours, a man who hasn't been on a bicycle since he was a child rides with ease on one of America's ridiculously auto-centric bridges. How is this possible?
Inaugural CyclingSavvy Workshop, September 2017 in Bethlehem, PA
Philly Expo Bike Parking

Getting Savvy in The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

We hope to see you in The Cradle of Liberty!
Karen Karabell riding bicycle on Kingshighway in St. Louis.

How To Get A "Scary" Road All To Yourself

I learned through CyclingSavvy that if I wait for a green light to turn right onto major arterial roads, I typically get the road all to myself for the amount of time I need to be on it.
View of my bike and Hernando Desoto Bridge from Mud Island River Park in Memphis.

Thriving In Suburbia By Bike

CyclingSavvy opened up a whole world of cycling possibilities for me. While I do wish for more pedestrian accommodations in my community and more connections between neighborhoods, I no longer depend on those things. I don't let the lack of bicycle-specific accommodations or connections limit where I go. With CyclingSavvy, you really can bike anywhere.