Left turn onto New South Street from Route 9 in Northampton

Many cyclists, even highly experienced and conscientious ones, wait till the last minute before moving left in preparation for making a left turn. However, by making the move early, and by choosing the best point at which to make it, a cyclist can avoid unnecessary negotiations with other drivers, thus making their travels faster and easier.

Pioneers of Mobility

My very first time teaching CyclingSavvy was a class in Portland,…

Strong Towns interview with Chuck Marohn

On Friday, 09/07/2012, I took a trip to North Adams, MA to meet up with Chuck Marohn. I had corresponded with Chuck online for a while, but had not met him in person before. While there, I had the honor of being interviewed by him for the Strong Towns podcast.

Now Officially Introducing the Pioneer Valley Chapter

Well, it is now official. The Pioneer Valley (western Massachusetts)…

"It's Time We Truly Share The Road"

This was in my "In" box this morning: "Cycling Savvy is…
Shared lane markings on Victory Ave. (Dallas, TX)

Following Traffic Patterns, Not Paint

Why I am ignoring the new sharrows downtown (and why drivers…

Bridging Languages and Cultures

Imagine for a moment that you are driven from your home, your…

CyclingSavvy on the Outspoken Cyclist

I had the pleasure of chatting with Diane Lees about CyclingSavvy…

Join Team CyclingSavvy on Bike to Work Day

The CyclingSavvy team will be riding with the Mayor again this…

Couch Potato to Savvy Cyclist in 4.0 Months

by Monique Donahue Let’s face it: I’ve never been…