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Biking Out Of Airports

When you fly somewhere, do you ever wish you could just ride from the airport to your destination? Forget Uber (or rental car/public transit/hotel shuttle). Hop on your bike and go! In the last year I’ve ridden in or out of Houston Hobby, LaGuardia, Washington Reagan, LAX and Boise. My colleague Gary Cziko met me […]

Miracle In Bethlehem

Within a few short hours, a man who hasn’t been on a bicycle since he was a child rides with ease on one of America’s ridiculously auto-centric bridges. How is this possible? It happens because of how events unfold in a CyclingSavvy workshop. Once we bust myths and bring our participants’ bike handling skills up […]

Madonna, Bless Us

Madonna, bless us! I’m not Catholic, but I’m white-on-rice for blessings. Favorite bumper sticker: Bless everyone, no exceptions. The Savvy Cyclist launches today on a weekly publication schedule. We’ll take all the blessings we can get. We’ve never done anything like this. It feels scary and exciting at the same time, like a big commitment. […]

At CyclingSavvy Boot Camp, The Hug

I hope you’re reading this because you’re thinking about taking a CyclingSavvy class. Or perhaps you’re considering the online course, because workshops aren’t yet available where you live. Ideally you’re thinking: Who are these people? Why should I trust them? What makes CyclingSavvy worth my time? A peek into Boot Camp will answer your questions. I […]

“It’s Time We Truly Share The Road”

This was in my “In” box this morning: “Cycling Savvy is a truly empowering experience,” wrote Mark Barnett, who participated in last weekend’s St. Louis CyclingSavvy workshop. “The effective classroom session provides students with the right information and motivation to take on the ‘big roads.’ A classmate and I changed our habits that very evening […]