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Stories From the Road

We all have stories. When it comes to bicycling, they are all too often negative. Bicyclists gripe about motorists, motorists gripe about bicyclists, media outlets play up the conflict with an endless stream of “bikes vs. cars” stories, and social media magnifies all of it. It can get downright discouraging. Too frequently, it’s these negative […]

911: Someone’s Riding a Bike in the Road!

The Story It was a Friday night of a holiday weekend. I was on my way (by bike, of course!) from my suburban office into downtown Portland, Maine, to lead July’s First Friday Slow Ride. The sun was out, temperature perfect, and traffic not terribly congested. I was in a good mood. The first half of […]

A Nice Ride to The Lobster Shack

Hidden away on a rocky point off the coast of Maine and close to two lighthouses is a small but popular seafood place that calls itself “The Lobster Shack.” It’s a few miles off the nearest numbered state route and there’s no sign advertising its presence, yet locals and tourists alike know of it. In high […]

The Benefits of Bicycle Training

I was contemplating on my bike ride home one day last week that I’ve recently completed my 13th year of bicycle commuting, and how much more confident I am about my travel now than I was, say, 10 years ago. Early Days When I started, I knew just enough to basically follow the rules of […]

Staying Safe in the Snow

I commute by bicycle year-round in Maine. When I first started, I didn’t ride in the snow, but over the years, I have challenged myself more and more until, these days, I’m willing to ride through almost anything. When you do this, one of the first things you learn is that people think you’re crazy. […]

CyclingSavvy Comes to Portsmouth

BIG NEWS!   Thanks to the generous support and effort of Commute Smart Seacost,Seacoast Area Bicycle Routes, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth and Kittery area bicyclists now will have an opportunity to experience CyclingSavvy, the empowering and fun cycling confidence course. Just in time for National Bike to Work Week (May 12-16), bicyclists can […]

CyclingSavvy on the Radio

Every year around this time, I am grateful that two bicycle-commuting DJs at WMPG, Portland’s community radio station, welcome me onto their shows to talk about bicycle transportation and safe riding around traffic. Gail Wartell hosts Tuesday Night Talk Radio, a discussion and call-in show, while DJ Adira and I get an early start on […]

CyclingSavvy in Southern Maine

Welcome to the Southern Maine section of Cycling Savvy! This site will provide you with the latest information on our progress in bringing this great traffic cycling curriculum to Southern Maine. You can subscribe to our local news feed and calendar and contact me. We are just about to schedule our first class, a Train […]