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Following Traffic Patterns, Not Paint

Why I am ignoring the new sharrows downtown (and why drivers are thanking me for it) The City of Dallas is in the process of installing shared lane markings (often called “sharrows”) on a number of streets downtown. Unlike bike lanes, sharrows are paint markings placed in existing travel lanes intended to remind cyclists where […]

Reality Check

A couple years ago I asked some friends for advice on a good route from my home to downtown.  One of them suggested Preston Road.  I thought he was nuts!  It’s SIX lanes!  Do you know how many cars there are on Preston at rush hour?  Do you know how fast those angry, impatient idiots […]

CRASH! Avoiding the Dreaded Left-Cross

Last Christmas, Santa brought me a video camera.  For 6 months I’ve been recording my commute, waiting for something (anything!) interesting to happen.  I have dozens and dozens of hours of completely boring, totally uneventful video.  It’s the reality of my commute.  No near misses, no horns honking, no close passes… makes for pretty boring […]

Aha! CyclingSavvy

Not too long ago I was a frustrated bicyclist.  Not a spandex-clad roadie, just a guy that likes to ride his bike.  To the park.  To the coffee shop.  To hang out with friends.  To have fun with my family.  I had been riding for years, even commuting to work, but it was getting more […]