Give the Gift of Empowerment!

  CyclingSavvy gift certificates are now available! It's…

Pioneers of Mobility

My very first time teaching CyclingSavvy was a class in Portland,…

Strong Towns interview with Chuck Marohn

On Friday, 09/07/2012, I took a trip to North Adams, MA to meet up with Chuck Marohn. I had corresponded with Chuck online for a while, but had not met him in person before. While there, I had the honor of being interviewed by him for the Strong Towns podcast.

Bridging Languages and Cultures

Imagine for a moment that you are driven from your home, your…

CyclingSavvy on the Outspoken Cyclist

I had the pleasure of chatting with Diane Lees about CyclingSavvy…

At BikeFlock: 3 Tips That Could Save Your Tailfeathers!

There are 3 common themes that repeat over and over in reports…
CyclingSavvy St. Louis

CyclingSavvy grows in the Midwest

CyclingSavvy grew stronger with this weekend’s training in St. Louis of a new group of instructors. Meet our new CSIs.

New CyclingSavvy Website

Who knew that a year after launching this program we'd have outgrown…

How CyclingSavvy Came to the Midwest

Both Ann and I recognized that while we had plenty of people in town working on infrastructure and trails, our city’s meager offerings for bicycle education were—let’s face it—pedantic and dull. “But there’s this program in Florida, Ann, that’s worth looking at,” I said.

MetroPlan Orlando Providing Funding for CyclingSavvy Scholarships

ORLANDO, FL – Florida Bicycle Association is proud to announce…