John Brooking rides confidently through the Congress Street interchange with I-295 in Portland.

The Benefits of Bicycle Training

I was contemplating on my bike ride home one day last week that…
Bike at snowy bike rack

Staying Safe in the Snow

I commute by bicycle year-round in Maine. When I first started,…

CyclingSavvy Comes to Portsmouth

BIG NEWS!   Thanks to the generous support and effort…

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Roads

Where Do Cyclists Like to Ride? Not all routes are the same,…

CyclingSavvy on the Radio

Every year around this time, I am grateful that two bicycle-commuting…


The flyer is also availabe in PDF format at…

Team Meeting

Yesterday, I met with supporters from the CHNA#4 (the group that…

Insight into Incivility on Portland's Johnson Road

This is Johnson Road in South Portland, Maine. This stretch of…

A few tricks over the Memorial Bridge

Crossing the Memorial Bridge from West Springfield to Springfield can be intimidating for a cyclist who is not accustomed to riding assertively and can be confusing for a cyclist who is not familiar with the neighborhood. However, with the proper skills, it is easy and nothing to be afraid of. However, there are two tricky elements that you should know about.

Left turn onto New South Street from Route 9 in Northampton

Many cyclists, even highly experienced and conscientious ones, wait till the last minute before moving left in preparation for making a left turn. However, by making the move early, and by choosing the best point at which to make it, a cyclist can avoid unnecessary negotiations with other drivers, thus making their travels faster and easier.