A Second Chance for Biking

I have taken over five hundred classes and I must say this course was done so well that I feel confident biking and it also made me a better driver. The class spent nine hours together learning every possible situation that could occur while cycling. It was the most intense training in many years. I like "hands on" training and that I got.

How much could there be to learn? Little did I know!

Beth Gellman unexpectedly discovers confidence, joy and freedom through CyclingSavvy St Louis.

Couch Potato to Savvy Cyclist in 4.0 Months

by Monique Donahue Let’s face it: I’ve never been…

Freedom and Vitality on 3 Wheels

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I thought I knew everything I needed to know

"I've been commuting by bike to work... for 11 or 12 years. I consider myself an experienced cyclist. I thought I knew everything I really needed to know until I took a CyclingSavvy class and discovered a whole new approach to to riding in traffic."

I Am No Road Warrior

In January of 2009, I emailed the Florida Dept. of Transportation, to whine indignantly about the bike lane on Livingston Street, which would be on my route to work if I survived navigating Primrose.

Just Like Riding a Bike

By John Alexander The old expression, “Just like Riding…

A double dose of self-confidence

I can say without hesitation that I would never have considered putting in the miles I did without the knowledge, skills, and confidence I learned from CyclingSavvy.

I heartily recommend this class to all riders

It will change the way you think about bike riding and open up new possibilities for you and your bike.

My Radish is like the Volvo of Bikes

I feel a lot more confident about my bike-handling skills after the class.