CyclingSavvy Grows!

This past weekend (Jan 21-23) Mighk and I trained the first class of CyclingSavvy Instructors (CSIs). We had five from Orlando, three from Jacksonville, one from West Palm Beach and one from Ft Myers.

The course was demanding. In addition to the 20 hours of training, the students studied an extensive reading list on topics ranging from teaching methodology to AASHTO standards for bike facility design. They also did some complex problem-solving exercises to prepare them for creating and teaching the unique CyclingSavvy Road Tour. These people know their stuff!

We learned a lot, too!

Our new instructors are:

  • Kitzzy Aviles, Orlando
  • Charles Badger, Orlando
  • Lisa Blount, Orlando
  • Jason Buckner, Orlando
  • Rodney Youngblood, Orlando
  • Jeff Hohlstein, Jacksonville
  • Jodi Hohlstein, Jacksonville
  • Kevin Pryor, Jacksonville
  • Dan Moser, Ft Myers
  • Scott Stanley, West Palm Beach

Please take a moment to congratulate them on their accomplishment!

If you want to take a CyclingSavvy course, there are still slots available for Feb 4 & 5. You can take it as a full course, or just sign up for a session or two. Several of our new instructors will be co-teaching concurrent sessions.

More photos…

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  1. Bob Boyce
    Bob Boyce says:

    I really like the very visible Instructor jackets! Some of the photos–of people looking at drawings on the sidewalk–weren’t that helpful. Maybe one or two of the sidewalk drawings would be enough? Is it possible to add captions?–e.g., “Planning for a left turn” or “What to do with a Right Turn Only Lane.”
    Frankly, I was bothered by seeing traffic cones–can’t we presume these cyclists are able to handle their bikes, and move on beyond handling skills?


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