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Who knew that a year after launching this program we’d have outgrown our first website! We are expanding into new cities and regions, we hope this new structure will make it easy to navigate to those programs. Local CyclingSavvy Instructors (CSIs) will be posting their own local news and course listings as well as SmartMoves and Student Stories.

Here’s a quick guide for navigating the new site.

[rss icon]The posts are now divided into regions and programs. Now you can subscribe to news from just your region or city. There are RSS icons for each region on the homepage. We currently have programs in four regions: Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and South Central. We have CSIs in seven cities: Orlando; Jacksonville; Southwest Florida; West Palm Beach; St. Louis, MO; Dallas/Ft. Worth and Portland, ME. We’ll be adding two more cities after the June CSI training in St. Louis. You can find feeds, contact info and facebook links for all the region and city programs on the “Where We Are” page.

There is a course calendar page. You can subscribe to the calendar of your choice or add classes to your own Google calendar. Course listings for each region and city are located on their respective archive pages.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    I’m not sure I’ve got a grip on reality lately. Are there different feed links for each region? Is there one feed link that will cover all the regions, including any new creations in the future? RSS is my friend :-)

    • Keri Caffrey
      Keri Caffrey says:

      Fred, the one you’re subscribed to now continues to be the overall feed. The regional feeds allows people to select only local info. Some people subscribe just to follow when the next class listings will be in their area.


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