CyclingSavvy St. Louis

CyclingSavvy grows in the Midwest

cyclingsavvy st. louis

From left: Kris Schell, Keri Caffrey (CS founder), Andy Cline, Mighk Wilson (CS founder), Matthew Brown, Mary Ruth Casey, Gary Cziko, Gerry Noll and (a very pregnant) Melissa Brown

CyclingSavvy St. Louis

A last gathering at the end of an extraordinary weekend

CyclingSavvy grew stronger with this weekend’s training in St. Louis of a new group of instructors. The newest CyclingSavvy instructors are:


  • Matthew Brown of St. Louis
  • Melissa Brown of St. Louis
  • Mary Ruth Casey of Herculaneum, MO
  • Andy Cline of Springfield, MO
  • Gary Cziko of Urbana, IL
  • Gerry Noll of Ferguson, MO
  • Kris Schell of Festus, MO


5 replies
  1. john lappin
    john lappin says:

    just a note found this web site too late! as you say rediscovered cycling some would say later in life bike path back roads only just not comfortable in traffic PLEASE keep posting scheds. might teach this old some new tricks thanks in advance john

    • Karen Karabell
      Karen Karabell says:

      John, it’s never too late to learn how easy it can be to share our public roadways as equal citizens on bicycles. I’ve added your email address to our St. Louis CyclingSavvy email list. I hope to meet you at a class soon!


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