Twenty cyclists. Beautiful weather. One flat tire.

Last weekend was the perfect weather to hit the roads of Dallas. We had 20 cyclists and a load of enthusiasm. This was also Justine’s first weekend to join Waco and I as an instructor. With 20 cyclists, we were completely sold out!

Instructor Justine

First thing that we noticed on Saturday… Christmas shopping is well under-way before Thanksgiving! The afternoon route takes us around NorthPark Center a few times (the intersections around there are great for interacting with traffic and demonstrating the CyclingSavvy principles in a compact area), so we pretty quickly saw a peak in traffic. Yet our cyclists confidently negotiated and interacted safely with everyone.

Smiles all around

Since we limit the on-bike portion of the workshop to 10 participants, we repeated the on-bike sessions on Sunday so that everyone could participate. There was a bit less traffic on Sunday, so our group was able to get through all of the exercises quicker. The weather continued to hold perfectly for us! However… one tire caused some issue.

Impromptu tire patch

While this wasn’t our first flat on the tour… it was our most troublesome. Fortunately, it was towards the end of the course and walking back to the start was feasible. That poor tire just couldn’t recover.

As I was looking through photos from the weekend, I realized what a diverse group of folks that were represented. We had a few folks wanting to commute a little more on their bike and a few folks who enjoy social rides. We had a few folks who have ridden thousands upon thousands of miles on their bike, and folks who have maybe put 100 miles on their bike. Some folks were comfortable in spandex, and others were enjoying the day with a classy scarf and cap. We had our first recumbent too!

Saturday’s Fall Colors

What all these folks had in common is a willingness to learn and improve their bike skills. No matter how far their ride will be, it will be a better one now. What a pleasure it was to meet each person this weekend.

Hold it right there

….. and that’s our last workshop for 2012! Look for our Spring 2013 schedule in January. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. We’ve also got a very low-volume mailing list.

Happy cycling!


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