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Shaken and StirredEvery year around this time, I am grateful that two bicycle-commuting DJs at WMPG, Portland’s community radio station, welcome me onto their shows to talk about bicycle transportation and safe riding around traffic. Gail Wartell hosts Tuesday Night Talk Radio, a discussion and call-in show, while DJ Adira and I get an early start on the weekend mixing some bike talk with music “from Bellydance to Tango, Flamenco to Cuban, Gypsy to Latin”, on her Friday morning show “Shaken and Stirred”.

This year, completely unsolicited, DJ Zack of the show “This Land Is” has also invited me onto his show, which airs just prior to Gail’s show on Tuesday nights. Zack’s show “explore[s] land use from various social, cultural, and political perspectives with guests from government, real estate, activism, academe, and the private sector.” Zack was a CyclingSavvy student last summer, and is interested in talking to me about bike infrastructure and legislation. Should be an interesting time!

It happens that all 3 appearances have been scheduled over a 2-week period, starting tomorrow evening! Think they will have had enough of me by then? Here’s the full schedule, chronologically.

Tuesday, June 11, 7:30 PM This Land Is Join DJ Zack and John for a discussion of bicycle legislation and infrastructure.
Tuesday, June 18, 8 PM Tuesday Night Talk Radio microphoneGail and John discuss general bike education issues, and maybe a bit about the I Am Traffic conference last February.
Friday, June 21, 10:30 AM Shaken and Stirred John and possibly a special guest get an early start on the weekend with DJ Adira, mixing some bike talk with music “from Bellydance to Tango, Flamenco to Cuban, Gypsy to Latin”

*** WMPG is on the air in Southern Maine at 90.9 and 104.1 FM. People “from away” can listen online live here. Tuesday Night Talk Radio is also archived. ***

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