Holiday Bike Fun

Reflection: On Smiles & Empowerment

Holiday Bike Fun

Every morning, rain or shine, a thousand cars swarm my daughter’s school. They fill the streets as far as the eye can see and snake through the parking lot in a man-made maze, a queue of idling steel and glass. Police direct traffic. Teachers and administrators are there by the dozens to open car doors and usher the little ones into school. In the early afternoon, the scene repeats itself. Hundreds of children crowd the benches that line the driveways, each child waiting for a glimpse of the “right car” in the long lines of idling vehicles that wind through the parking lots and crowd the adjoining streets. There are no busses, no bike racks, no laughing children running through the school yard, no children walking home together. There are no sidewalks.

You can’t imagine the smiles when my daughter and I roll up on a bicycle. A hundred little glowing faces smiling all at once, shining with the realization of new possibility.

“Hey! They’re on a bike!”
“It’s bikeman!”
“I have a bike at home…”

There is something fundamentally human and deeply encouraging in those little smiles, that spark of possibility. I love it.

As I look back on the year, I realize that this is what I love about CyclingSavvy too. Sharing knowledge, vanquishing crippling beliefs, and empowering people with new possibilities are some of the most rewarding things one can do. We send our kids to school to give them the knowledge and the tools to mold themselves, to take control of their own destiny, and to shape our world. For us, as adults, it’s no different. Even the most accomplished among us continually strive to improve ourselves and our communities. From simple New Year’s resolutions to multinational relief efforts, there is always work to be done, new possibilities to be realized. CyclingSavvy is a small thing, a small spark in a big universe, but when it touches the right people, that small spark can ignite life-changing possibilities.

Hopefully this year we’ve ignited some sparks. It’s been a good year for CyclingSavvyDFW. In addition to our regular Dallas workshops, we’ve expanded into Ft. Worth, doing justice to the “DFW” in our name! Both Dallas and Ft. Worth have growing cycling communities, and truth be told, have always had lots of folks who like to ride bikes. Our workshops reflect this and have been full of all types of people — from the most experienced “roadies” to the grandmother who hasn’t been on a bike in decades, and everyone in between. Whether training for a “Century” ride, or just going on a leisurely ride to the coffee shop, we all face similar challenges on our streets and trails. Our workshops give you the tools to solve those problems in the way that’s right for you. Imagine riding your bike free of fear and conflict, confident that you are safe, and giving and receiving the courtesy that we expect from our friends and neighbors. That’s what CyclingSavvy’s about.

If you have a friend or loved one that you worry about, give them the gift of safe and joyful cycling this holiday season!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. Hope that you can get out and see the lights, and remember – the best way is on a bike!

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    If anything can improve our society, it’s likely as not to be more cycling and more educated (and unafraid) cyclists. Kudos to you for your efforts in improving our world.

  2. peter bryant
    peter bryant says:

    Excellent post! The stories seem very similar across the world, too many vehicles clogging up school areas adding extra obstacles and dangers to our little ones! Im a cycle trainer in the UK, trying to enthuse what seems like the whole nation to take to 2 wheels safely. Have been following the cycling savvy way for a while now and find it truly inspiring. In March am coming over to florida for a while and all being well linking up with Keri Caffrey, and seeing cycling savvy in action. Cant wait.

    • Waco Moore
      Waco Moore says:

      Hi Peter, that’s fantastic. I think you are going to have a great experience in March. It is nice to hear that you are a trainer in the UK. I have some UK cycling friends on social media, and it seems like there is good bit of conflict and frustration on UK streets these days. Anyway, thanks for the kind words and happy cycling!


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