Introducing The Savvy Cyclist

by Mighk Wilson

Savvy (SAV-ee): adjective — 1. experienced, knowledgeable, and well-informed; shrewd

Solid, practical advice about bicycling.

That’s what you want, right?

Of course you do, and that’s why we’re here. American Bicycling Education Association (ABEA) is the organization behind the CyclingSavvy course, and we’re all about making bicycling accessible, enjoyable and as safe as possible for you. Today, on the first day of National Bicycle Month, we’re kicking off our new blog.

Our contributors have literally hundreds of years of combined cycling experience, not only as cyclists using our roads and trails, but also professionally analyzing equipment and safety data. We’ve seen a lot of great ideas — and lots of pretty bad ones, too — over the past few decades, so we can help you sort through all the breathless claims about the latest “innovations.”

This blog will keep its focus on making cycling work for you now, and not concern itself with some future cycling utopia. We’ll share with you everything from the most basic skills and equipment for the new rider, to advanced strategies for negotiating any sort of road condition.

What we won’t be covering are “performance”-related topics, such as how to ride competitively or cover long distances. There are plenty of other good resources out there for those.


  • You want to haul groceries on your bike through that daunting interchange? We’ve got the strategies you need.
  • You want to know if that latest bike gizmo featured on Kickstarter is worth investing in? We’ll have informed opinions for you.
  • You want some inspiration to show you what we’re recommending is really possible? We’ll have stories and interviews from people just like you who’ve learned how to make cycling a regular and rewarding part of their lives.

Being a successful bicyclist doesn’t have to be about being a super athlete (but if that’s what you want — we’re fine with that!), it’s just about understanding the strategies, skills and equipment that make it safe, practical and fun.

Join us every other week for an article or interview. You can sign up for our email list (at the bottom) so you won’t miss a post, and we’ll send you a great little free introduction to the principles of Savvy Cycling, “Ten Tips for Successful Bicycling.”

Next time, go by bike.

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  1. Karen Karabell
    Karen Karabell says:

    The photo at the top of Mighk’s essay is of Bill Edmonds. The photo reminds me that Bill is the “star” of one of my all-time favorite videos about bicycling.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Thanks for the great intro to the cycling blog. You are a wonderful example of how cycling actually works for every day people and I look forward to hearing from my fellow cyclists in this blog.


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