Savvy cycling, at all ages.


Did you know the American Bicycling Education Association has a team? Not a cycling team, a Cycling Education team!

Strategies to make bicycling easy, even under challenging conditions.

CyclingSavvy co-founder Keri Caffrey teaching last weekend in Orlando

While we ride our bikes (a lot), you’ll find team members engaged in many other activities. We write posts for The Savvy Cyclist. Want to contribute? Let Karen Karabell know. She’s the editor, and will send you a link to editorial guidelines.

We maintain ABEA’s websites. It’s a big job building a new national organization! We have several websites serving different purposes.

You may already know that ABEA is the non-profit parent of CyclingSavvy and CyclingSavvy Online. Have you explored I Am Traffic? This ABEA site is an incredible resource for planners, engineers, law enforcement and the general public. Team ABEA also maintains CyclingSavvy.Bike, offering the best instructor resources available anywhere.

Other Team ABEA activities include:

Savvy cyclists enjoying one of the nation's best bike expos.

Team ABEA earlier this month at the Philly Bike Expo. L-R: Karen Karabell, Marc Caruso, John Schubert, John Allen, Gary Cziko, Mighk Wilson, Shannon Walsh and Bruce Lierman

  • Continually improving CyclingSavvy and developing other new course materials
  • Teaching CyclingSavvy all over the U.S.
  • Presenting webinars as part of continuing education for CyclingSavvy instructors
  • Recruiting and training new CyclingSavvy instructors
  • Making improvements to the CyclingSavvy registration system
  • Creating video for our courses and websites
  • Designing printed materials
  • Planning conference and meeting logistics
  • Strategizing in board meetings
  • Networking with potential new students, donors, board members and business partners
  • Reaching out to thank donors
  • Doing ABEA’s financial reporting and preparing Form 990
  • Promoting ABEA and CyclingSavvy at bicycling and community events, in social media and in other online venues

Plus activities such as visiting ABEA folks in other cities for the sheer fun of bicycling around in a new town and meeting new people!

Besides donating time and talents, many members of Team ABEA make financial contributions — some small, some large, all important to ABEA’s success.

With Giving Tuesday around the corner, we want to recognize those who have given of their time, talents and/or treasure to support ABEA over the past year:

Jenn Bowers, Board President

Lisa Walker, Board Vice President

Randy Profeta, Board Treasurer

Eli Damon, Board Secretary

Bruce Lierman, Board Member

Karen Karabell, Board Member

Debra Sension-Hall, Board Member

Lucas Cruse, Board Member

Gary Cziko, Board Member

Mighk Wilson, Executive Director

Shannon Walsh, Associate Executive Director

Laura Hallam, Administrative Director

Alan Forkosh

Allen Muchnick

American Diabetes Association

Art Ackerman

Becky Afonso

Beth Gellman

Big Orange Cycling Club

Brian Cox

Bruce Dowell, Redlands Water Bottle Transit Co.

Carol Wilson, Care Accounting Services

Clint Sandusky

Courtney Reynolds

Darell Dickey

Diana Steele

Diane Jenks

Dwight Kingsbury

Eberhard Veit

Esther Lumsdon

Florida Department of Transportation

Frank Krygowski

Great Rivers Greenway

Gruppo Sportivo Andiamo

Harold Karabell


Jason Aufdenberg

Jason Buckner

Jeffrey D. Stanton

Jeffrey Viscount

Jim Baross

John Allen

John Brooking

John F. Cinatl

John Schubert

Josh StevensWe respect ourselves, and know that when riding our bicycles, our safety is a product of our behavior.

Judy Frankel

Justin McMurtry

Karen Loewen

Katherine Tynan

Kea Wilson, Strong Towns

Kelley Howell

Keri Caffrey

Kimberly Cooper

Kirby Beck

Lee Sisselsky

Mark Nockleby

Matthew Brown

Melissa Brown

Monica Llorian

Pamela Murray

Patricia Huff

Patrick Smith

Penni Smith Gryder

Pete van Nuys

Phyllis Laufer

Reese Howell

Richard Abraham

Richard Wharton

Robert Cooper

Robert Henderson

Robyn McCutcheon

Sarah Cushman

Scott Chilcote

Sean Wilson, President, Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association

Seth Davidson, Law Office of Seth Davidson

Shannon Martin

Stephen McKenney Steck

Susan Kropscott

Susan Sachs

Tricia Kovacs

Valerie Sivicek

Walter Ezell

Western Riverside Council of Governments

William Carpenter

Should your name be on this list? If so, please accept my sincere apologies! So many people have contributed that I’m certain I’ve unintentionally left someone out. Please let me know. We’ll update our records. Each person is a treasure. However you choose to help, you help ABEA become that much stronger!

Many of the folks above are CyclingSavvy instructors, though certainly not all. I’m not a CyclingSavvy instructor. But savvy cycling strategies changed my life. I started giving to ABEA because I wanted to give other people the same advantages I now have thanks to CyclingSavvy.

What I gained was far greater. Besides increasing my own knowledge, I made many new friends and opened doors to experiences that have greatly enriched my life. I am forever grateful.

ABEA has a place for and a need for many types of people. Join the team working for educated and empowered bicyclists. We invite you to go to and become a member today. ABEA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Financial donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We hope to see you on our team, in any way you’re able to participate. Give to ABEA and discover how much ABEA can give back to you. Contact us if you are interested in volunteer opportunities or becoming a CyclingSavvy instructor. And be sure to join ABEA today!

What if you could go anywhere by bike? You can! Let us show you how.

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