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Every Motorist Needs To See This

Today we celebrate something never done before regarding cyclist roadway position and what it really means to share the road.

cyclist roadway position

A Primer On Cyclist Roadway Position

Created by CyclingSavvy co-founder Keri Caffrey and instructor Eli Damon, this video was unveiled today in Tampa at a law enforcement training class held by the Institute of Police Technology & Management.

Finally, police have the opportunity to truly understand.

IPTM is using this and other savvy cycling materials in its new course on pedestrian and bicycle safety. Finally, police have the opportunity to truly appreciate and understand the legitimate safety concerns and needs of cyclists.

The course will soon be available to law enforcement nationwide, but you can help now.

Share what it means to really share the road

This isn’t just for law enforcement.

Every motorist needs to watch this.

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