traffic cycling course

About CyclingSavvy

CyclingSavvy is a traffic cycling course designed to teach the principles of Mindful Bicycling:

  • Empowerment to act as confident, equal road users;
  • Strategies for safe, stress-free integrated cycling;
  • Tools to read and problem-solve any traffic situation or road configuration.

A Traffic Cycling Course

offered in three 3-hour components:

  • A bike-handling session where even long-time and expert cyclists learn new things
  • A classroom session that will change the way you think about our public roadways — and your place on them
  • Then, the piece de resistance: An on-road experiential Tour of Your City. This is unlike any other road tour. Epiphanies occur, as you put the skills and knowledge from the other sessions to use. On the road, what you’ve pondered and experienced in the previous two sessions will make sense

Savvy Cycling Must Be Experienced

to be understood. The classroom and bike-handling sessions may be taken individually. To participate in the on-road tour, you must complete the classroom and bike-handling sessions first.

No Need For Road Warriors

These are adult cycling lessons like no other. The object of the course is not to turn people into road warriors. Being a confident, competent cyclist has nothing to do with speed or bravado. You don’t need either of those things to have access to the entire transportation grid.

Even most confident cyclists prefer to use quiet routes when feasible. In many cases, it is only an intimidating intersection or short stretch of busy road which hinders a cyclist’s preferred route. This course is designed to show students simple strategies to eliminate such barriers, and ride with ease and confidence in places they might never have thought possible.

The philosophy and intent of our course is best described in this quote by Aimee Mullins:

…all you really need is one person to show you the epiphany of your own power and you’re off. If you can hand somebody the key to their own power… the human spirit is so receptive… if you can do that and open a door for someone at a crucial moment… you are ‘educating’ them in the best sense. You’re teaching them to open doors for themselves.

In fact, the exact meaning of the word “educate’ comes from the root word ‘educe.’ It means to bring forth what is within. To bring out potential.

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