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Savvy E-Biking To A Car-Free Future

E-bikes aren't replacements for bikes. They replace cars. They can move you across town, and over steep hills, at higher speeds with less effort while still offering clean, low-cost transportation. But there’s a catch many people don’t realize.
A savvy cyclist negotiates a complex intersection in Helena, MT.

The Cycle of Habit and the Habit of Cycling

Rather than tell millions of others to change their habits in an environment that discourages them from doing so, what if we changed our cycling strategies to take advantage of the habits drivers already have?

Use Horse Sense To Avoid A Horse Wreck

Communication is central to success as a bicyclist. With other road users, it is mostly through lane positioning, hand signals and head turns. Horses, though, respond to different signals.
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Palpable and Priceless

I credit CyclingSavvy courses for giving me the confidence to safely navigate urban, suburban and rural country roads. Without their incredibly helpful instructors, cycling and my streak would never become something I look forward to each day and each mile.
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The Day CyclingSavvy Saved My Life

I took several deep breaths and attempted to compose myself. My understanding of traffic patterns, bicycle handling skills, and brakes in good working order had just saved my life.
On Giving Tuesday, we appreciate your gift to the ABEA!

On Giving Tuesday, ABEA Gives Joy

Until I had attended your course, I thought I knew everything I needed to know on how to safely ride my bicycle. Your course is really amazing in that it changes old ways of bicycle riding thinking and opens a rider’s eyes to new and safer ways on how you should be cycling, as well as expanding your travels to other areas around town.
Savvy cycling, at all ages.


Did you know the American Bicycling Education Association has a team? Not a cycling team, a Cycling Education team!
When road conditions are less than optimal, best strategy is to use "driver behavior."

Empowered for Unlimited Winter Travel

When cold weather threatens to keep you off the saddle, tell Old Man Winter you can take anything he can dish out and still get to your destination under your own power.
Out on the road, your safety is a product of your behavior.

Another Brick in the Wall

In the 1970s – when I grew up – no one was telling me how horribly dangerous cycling was. That’s because it wasn’t. It still isn’t.
You Can Go Anywhere!

Road Witches & Wizards Unite

Become a full-blown Road Witch or Road Wizard. Leave the road warriors behind!