When Sidewalk Riding Is Your Best Option

I'm not a fan of riding on sidewalks, but sometimes sidewalk riding is exactly the right thing to do.

Discovery and Choices

I choose an approach of appreciation for all my fellow travelers, and of freedom from fear and anxiety. CyclingSavvy training shows everyone how to make these choices!
edge riding

Let's Talk About Being "Reasonable"

In the center of the lane, all passes are safe. At the edge, about half of the passes are unsafe, because the motorist comes too close to me, too close to oncoming traffic, or both.

How to Get Great Passing

Great passing was not always the norm for me. In my early days of commuting, I remember some terrifying close passes. Nowadays, it's rare that a motorist doesn't move at least halfway over a double yellow line to pass me, assuming there is no oncoming traffic. Many change lanes completely to pass. What's different?
Philly Expo Bike Parking

Getting Savvy in The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

We hope to see you in The Cradle of Liberty!
John Brooking rides confidently through the Congress Street interchange with I-295 in Portland.

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Bike at snowy bike rack

Staying Safe in the Snow

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