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Ian Seecof

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My life behind bars began in 1950 in Upstate New York.

From 1957-1964 I delivered newspapers from a J.C. Higgins with front suspension and for transportation I rode a Czechoslovakian track bike. While stationed on the Japanese Olympic Training grounds in Tokyo I competed internationally in Olympic and ‘power’ weightlifting. I commuted to and from the train station on a Schwinn Stingray, complete with banana seat and ‘Ape Hangers’. After military service I purchased a used, 1967 Motobecane, French touring bike in St. Petersburg, Florida which transitioned to Indianapolis until it met its Waterloo during a hit & run, ‘T-bone’ event. When the Major Taylor Velodrome opened in 1982 I became addicted to track racing, which led to Road Racing, Criterium Racing, Duathlons, Triathlons, X-Terra, MTBs, Fat Bikes, and a recumbent bike as well.

My 1st retirement found me working part-time in a local bike shop spending more money than I made.  I returned to my profession, Molecular Imaging, for five more years before complete retirement in 2012 (The year of the Maya). To celebrate, I bicycled through Yucatan, Belize, and Guatemala, visiting all the major Maya archaeological sites and doing some ‘most excellent’ SCUBA diving and two cave explorations.

Before this trip, Cheryl and I completed a tandem bicycle tour around Spain, Gibraltar, N. Africa, and the Agave Coast of Portugal. We have a tandem in Indy and one in Florida that still get some miles, but summer tandem riding. in Indiana. is very special with my 7-yr old grandson, Leo, on a purple Miyata.

I have been the Safety & Education Chair for CIBA, Central Indiana Bicycling Association, for several years, achieved an LCI status with the League of American Bicyclists, completed ABATE of Indiana motorcycle Safety training, and this year, my crowning achievement of becoming a Cycling Savvy Instructor (CSI).