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Todd Nelson


Lifetime bicyclist since age 5. Raised in rural Minnesota, I biked everywhere, to school, sports, swimming lessons. Town was three miles away. I bike-commuted whenever practical throughout my life. It just seemed right, except that there were a few close calls with motorists that kept me “cowering” at the edge of the road. Then, in 2011, through a conversation on facebook (Cyclists Are Drivers!), it was suggested to me that I look into CS. I took the bait and my biking has never been the same since, gaining confidence and empowerment to bicycle anywhere! I want to share that with anyone who regards the bicycle as means of travel, especially for commuting. I currently live in Woodstock, IL, the filming location of the movie “Groundhog Day” (among other claims to fame), 50 miles NW of Chicago, with my wife, Fonda. I am the vice president of the McHenry County Bicycle Advocates. Bicycling for life, I am the Cyclifist.

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO