“Let’s face it: I’ve never been what you would call an athlete. Growing up, I lived what every clumsy kid fears most in PE class—being picked last for team activities. Every. Single. Time.”

“Now check me out being at one with traffic on Orange Ave in downtown Orlando. It’s very Zen.”

Learn the Zen of Stress-free Bicycling.


Our in-person courses are offered in three 3-hour components: a bike-handling session, an engaging, high-tech classroom session, and an experiential on-road tour. Have fun, make new friends, and experience your city in a whole new way!



Our online courses cover the concepts taught in our classroom session in greater depth and detail. You can learn at your own pace and review the lessons as many times as you want.


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Our students tell great stories!

The skills I learned in the Cycling Savvy course will be useful to me wherever I go, and I will be forever grateful.
Read my story.

Diana SteeleOrlando, FL

I’ve been commuting by bike to work… for 11 or 12 years. I consider myself an experienced cyclist. I thought I knew everything I really needed to know until I took a CyclingSavvy class and discovered a whole new approach to to riding in traffic. Watch my video.

Bill EdmondsTallahassee, FL

I credit CyclingSavvy courses for giving me the confidence to safely navigate urban, suburban and rural country roads. Without their incredibly helpful instructors, cycling and my streak would never become something I look forward to each day and each mile. Read about my 1000 day streak!

Stephen McKenney SteckOrlando, FL

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