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Introducing The Nation’s New CSIs

Eight more dreamers in our ranks!

The solid citizens who traversed the country earlier this month to become CyclingSavvy Instructors might be surprised to hear themselves described as such. But right now there’s still so few of us (people who know how to go by bike anywhere now, rather than waiting for some imaginary future when it will finally be “safe” to ride).

That’s OK! These guys are going to make dreams come true. I’d like to introduce you to the nation’s newest CyclingSavvy Instructors:

Jacob Adams

Jacob came the shortest distance with an audacious goal: He’s ready to transform the University of Florida’s car-centric culture.

He’s in a position to do so. Jacob currently works on bike programming for the university’s Office of Sustainability. He intends to use both education and encouragement to show people how easy it can be to choose bicycling.

CyclingSavvy Instructors learn from their colleague Jacob Adams in Orlando.