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Another Brick in the Wall

Here at The Savvy Cyclist we prefer to stay away from political matters and stick with the practical. Don’t we all get way too much politics in our lives as it is? A basic appeal of cycling is how it can free us – at least for a while – from the frustrations of everyday life.

Freedom and adventure were the key benefits we saw in cycling as kids; the ability to travel well beyond walking distance from home without the help or supervision of our parents. Cooperation and courtesy are the hallmarks of the U.S. transportation system.Growing up, cycling was simple. Hop on, wander, explore, discover. In the 1970s – when I grew up – no one was telling me how horribly dangerous cycling was. That’s because it wasn’t.

It still isn’t.

Based on data from the American Community Survey and the National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration, American bicyclists travel about 9 billion miles per year. About 40,000 suffer injury crashes with motorists, and about 750 per year are killed. This means the average bicyclist will travel 225,000 miles between injury crashes, and 12 million miles before a fatal crash. Be a safer-than-average cyclist and those distances increase a great deal.

At least half of those deaths involve bicyclists behaving in a very r