How to Get Great Passing

Great passing was not always the norm for me. In my early days of commuting, I remember some terrifying close passes. Nowadays, it's rare that a motorist doesn't move at least halfway over a double yellow line to pass me, assuming there is no oncoming traffic. Many change lanes completely to pass. What's different?
Motorists don't drive in the door zone, why would you?

Navigating Snowy Streets

If I had any inclination to ride close to the parked cars — which of course, being a savvy cyclist, I didn't — the snow would have prevented me. In effect, the snow is creating a very effective door zone buffer!
Brooking photo

Stories From the Road

Communication is the most useful thing that most cyclists never do.
Graphic of angry motorist calling police on bicyclist in the road.

911: Someone's Riding a Bike in the Road!

Why did that person--and sometimes it seems most of society--assume cyclists belong at the edge of the road? Why will strangers presume that it's OK to get in your face and yell at you? While I'm not a sociologist, I have some theories.