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Surveying traffic-signal timing

All to Myself, Thanks to Traffic-Signal Timing

I prefer to ride on quiet roads. I seek them out. You probably also do. But sometimes we have no choice. The Winter Street Bridge in my home town, Waltham, Massachusetts, is seven lanes wide as it passes over an Interstate highway. You can get to the bridge mostly on lightly-used roads. Other crossings are two or more miles away.

Do cyclists have to go miles out of their way to avoid this bridge? Not necessarily! CyclingSavvy strategies come to the rescue. I can get a lane on this bridge almost entirely to myself thanks to traffic-signal timing, and I’ll show you how. The example here can help you sort out challenging situations where you ride.

Taking a look at traffic-signal timing

Traffic signals generally have a repeating cycle. The video here shows traffic-signal timing at the east end of the Winter Street bridge. The signals block traffic from entering the bridge during a large part of the signal cycle.