The complete CyclingSavvy Course is a three-session journey.

Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling

In our three-hour classroom session, we’ll first show you how to prevent the most common types of crashes — even those caused by motorist errors. We use illustrations, animations and video to make it fun, engaging, and easy to understand.

What makes CyclingSavvy different from any other course is our deep dive into unique strategies for mastering even the most intimidating and complicated scenarios. You’ll be blown away by the places you can ride a bike without being a road warrior!

You will come away with a toolkit of knowledge and strategies to apply to whatever kind of riding you want to do.

Train Your Bike

The bike handling session is where we teach essential techniques for handling your bike easily and efficiently. This session offers a progressive series of group activities and individual coaching to build skills from simple balance and shifting gears to avoiding hazards.

In three short hours, you’ll learn to command your bike with precision and confidence.

Tour of Your City

We ride as a group on a carefully planned route that allows you to put your new knowledge and techniques to practical use. The distance is short, but the ride takes about four hours because we ride slowly and stop frequently to discuss traffic dynamics and a strategic approach to mastering various situations. Then you’ll get a chance to ride that strategy with your instructor and classmates there to cheer you on!

This experiential session is designed to give you the confidence and skills to ride anywhere you want.

Our Guarantee

No matter how much experience you have as a cyclist, we promise you’ll learn something in this course. Riders with thousands of miles in the saddle have discovered strategies that up their game significantly, and solve problems they once thought unsolvable.

For new riders, this is a fast track to mastery. By the end of the course, even novice students feel empowered and ready to take on their city streets.

But if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.