Testimonials from CyclingSavvy Students

Communication is rewarding!

I have taken a cycling savvy class and I now communicate with motorists WAY more — I have had several people thank me for acknowledging them and guiding them through an intersection, or stretch of road where I don’t want them to pass until it opens up, or allowing them to turn right on red (legal in my state) when I would be too slow to turn right. I feel like I am having positive and teachable moments. I have had time when motorists ask me why I did something or why I’m not in a bike lane. When I explain that it ends a block or two away, I see the light bulbs go off — It is amazingly rewarding to be working WITH motorists not against them — to clarify, I don’t think that any of us is working “against”‘ them, but I mean that my lack of communication was often frustrating to motorists, which I can understand. Now, I do my best to communicate as much as possible. I cannot believe the respect I receive. I would encourage those who ride to try to communicate (safely, with your hands) with motorists. It is not an end all be all, BUT if motorists can see that there IS a rhyme and reason to what a bunch of cyclists are doing, I think it could make a great impact.  It could eventually open up forums and events, where motorists and cyclists want to work together.

CyclingSavvy provided techniques that years of riding did not.

I just completed the CyclingSavvy 3-Part Workshop in Milford, OH… The information provided and techniques taught are going to make me a safer and better cyclist (and driver) as I put into practice the techniques they teach. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon their website a few months ago. They have provided me information and techniques that years of riding, including bike club membership, has not provided.

You can start with the free Essentials course if you can’t attend (the) virtual class. For slightly more than the price of a new Brooks B17 saddle, you can attend a 3-Part Workshop AND sign up for their Ride Awesome Membership which gives you LIFETIME access to 3 premium courses. Plus Ride Awesome Members can attend occasional virtual talks on various cycling topics.  I’m finding that lifetime course access is an important way for me to review safe practices and keep that information fresh as I ride.

I’m really enthused by the CyclingSavvy program. I hope my enthusiasm helps someone start/continue their bicycle safety training in whatever form works for them.

If you haven’t taken CyclingSavvy – do yourself a favor and spend the time. Could very well save your life or the rider alongside you.  And yes, I learned how to ride the streets and not be so confined to the Greenways

—Sheilah M.

I FINALLY took CS (before thinking riding all my life pretty much made me “pretty savvy” — but the course really opened my eyes and I’m enjoying riding already like 98% more!!!! THANKS, SAVVY INSTRUCTOR!

—David M.

I was fortunate enough to be a professional cyclist for 15 years, including 11 world championships and 2 Olympics. During that time I received much advice and coaching, yet never did it focus on how to minimize my risk when riding on the open road. When I attended a CyclingSavvy class I learned numerous defensive cycling techniques and believe they are something that all cyclists need to learn in order to be safe and confident while cycling in traffic.

I’d like to personally thank you for all of the knowledge you provided in the 3 day course. It was an amazing experience for me; I look forward to putting the skills I’ve learned to use. I’d like to take the class again perhaps in the spring once I’m completely healed from my surgery. In the meantime I’m going to look into purchasing a better seat and practice using my gears. I plan to ride with my son to the greenway tomorrow and soon I’d like to take the light rail to take the bikes uptown and ride around.

If you are one of those who wants to take to the streets with confidence then arm yourself with the knowledge to do so. Take this class. It’s worth it even for seasoned cyclists. I was a 7-year dedicated commuter in Boston, MA before I took this class and it helped me a ton on positioning in the lane of traffic. Pamela Murray has a few scholarships available as long as you invest your time.

Hi, Pam! I made it home in Ballantyne safely and am getting ready for the work week. I’m really glad I took this course – you planned it extremely well and I learned a lot. In three days I’ve built enough confidence to trust myself and my bike on the road. I have a better understanding of how to communicate to other drivers and assert my rights, becoming safer as a result of both. I know that, with enough planning, I can get just about anywhere in Charlotte on my bike. It’s a really empowering feeling.

I made my first commute to campus after taking the CyclingSavvy class. I have never felt such a sense of equality biking in traffic. This class has given me the confidence to own the lane and know that I’m safe and belong there just as much as cars. I’m eternal grateful to my amazing instructors Pamela Murray and Jack Warman. You guys are the best!!! Thanks for keeping me and other students safe!

So I just finished my three-part Cycling Savvy class! I’ve ridden my bike my entire life (yes, this downsizer still has her 1970s green Raleigh Grand Prix). I learned so much about how to make safe choices on the road. And here’s a hint…it doesn’t involve staying out of the way! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone take this class. Get empowered to cycle safely and make cycling a normative part of your community! Classes are available in many communities!  Thanks Pamela Murray!

This class changed my life! We now share a single car which has saved us tons of money for the last two years. Pam can show you how to get almost anywhere on a bike.

—Chase M.

CyclingSavvy totally changed how I approach riding whether alone or group riding. You’ll definitely learn something new!

—Samuel E.

CyclingSavvy completely transformed my life! I was very afraid of riding in the road, but once I learned the tools needed to ride safely and predictably – and learned what to look for – my confidence skyrocketed. No matter how long you’ve been riding or what kind of riding you do – you will learn something.

CyclingSavvy is a great resource. I highly recommend you look up the classes if you need a little help getting started, or even if you think you’re already an expert urban cyclist. It really helped build our confidence.

CyclingSavvy class gave me soooooo much confidence after an accident that left me not wanting to ride. Also so much knowledge even though I thought I knew most of what there was to know!

CyclingSavvy built on rules of the road that I’d learned by accident and usually in an unsafe manner in my early days of bicycle commuting. I wish I had taken the course earlier because the skills and information I learned have made my morning and afternoon commute (and casual bike trips) safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Even though I already had several years of on-road commuting experience, CyclingSavvy helped give me more confidence and skills for interacting with other drivers.

Thanks for your hard work yesterday. We all learned a lot. The girls were more confident on the ride home than they were on the way to the class. We will spread the word about what a valuable program it is.

Stories from CyclingSavvy Students


My Fateful Meetup Ride

With awe I still compare and contrast the newfound knowledge and confidence Binbin developed in order to ride safely in traffic in one of the most challenging confluences of streets in Boston.