Give a scholarship

The American Bicycling Education Association (non-profit parent of CyclingSavvy) has created a savvy cycling scholarship fund. So now, anyone can participate in an in-person workshop!

This fund was started with the extraordinary generosity of a graduate grateful for the immense value he received. He wants everyone to experience savvy cycling.

We hope you’ve also enjoyed this life-changing experience. If so, you know that savvy cycling strategies make it possible for anyone to choose bicycling.

$5,725 of $10,000 raised

We make bicycling normal.

We have the information and tools people need to leave their cars at home and go by bike instead. That being said, we’re not trying to sell bicycling to people who don’t want to ride.

We DO want to show those who ride — or want to ride — how to do so safely and effectively.

EVERY cyclist deserves savvy cycling.

Please contribute today!

ABEA is a 501(c)(3). Your contribution is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank You

However you can help, we deeply appreciate your resources and enthusiasm. Contact us anytime with questions, concerns or observations.

Together, we’ll make bicycling the 21st Century’s preferred way to get around!

Receive a scholarship

The American Bicycling Education Association offers scholarship funding to anyone who wants to participate in an in-person workshop. Details:

  • Scholarship funding is available for the full three-part in-person course only
  • Up to half of the workshop’s total cost may be granted
  • Scholarship funds are available anywhere in-person courses are offered
  • Once granted for a specific workshop, funds are not transferrable

To request a scholarship

Use this form, select “I’d like a scholarship.”

In 50 words or less, please tell us:

  1. Your preferred workshop location and dates and
  2. Why you need or want scholarship funding.

We’ll contact you to make it happen.