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savvy cyclist

Commuting Perceptions & Reality

8:45 a.m. December 14, 2010 — Allentown, PA (US)

17 degrees F

NW winds 20 to 30 MPH

As usual, I’m cycling to work. On this day my fingertips are numb upon arrival.  But as I walk to the locker room I notice — of all things — sweat!

What’s not to love about bike commuting?

Every ride offers different sensations and constantly changing scenery. I save money. I exercise. I don’t have to wish for physical fitness. It’s built into my daily commute.

I have to get to work in the morning and home in the evening. Why drive when I can pedal?

I’ve often wondered: Why don’t more employees bike to work? I’ve come to believe that perceptions — of safety, time, and appearances — keep people off their bikes.

bike commuting in Bethlehem

The author on the rear right — part of normal traffic last September in Bethlehem, PA

Is It Really Safe To Ride In Traffic?

Since 1991 I’ve made more than 9800 trips. Many of these were on big and busy roads. More than 1100 of my trips were after sundown. Dangerous, right? Wrong! In all these years I can say I’ve had just two close calls.

To demonstrate how unusual such an event is, I’ll detail