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road witches and wizards

Road Witches & Wizards Unite

No need to be afraid, my pretty.

Yes, it’s true.

You’re a puny and fragile human awash in the elements when you’re out riding your bicycle.

But within this very thing exists great power.

Unlock it!

Say good-bye to being helpless and dependent.

Control your cycling experience.

Discover the might of being “slow.”

Learn how to cloak yourself in a bubble of protection everywhere you ride.

Cast a spell into your world and watch motorists suddenly become smart…

…give you more space.

…treat you with courtesy and respect.

That’s power! And you have it.

You have inborn magical abilities. Your power is great, if you decide to wield it.

Unlock the joy of human-powered transportation.

Study Cyclomancy in person or online.

Become a full-blown Road Witch or Road Wizard.

Leave the road warriors behind.

Wizardry awaits.You Can Go Anywhere!