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Did History & Law Really Intend For Cyclists To Ride Far To The Right?

Far too many cyclists, motorists and enforcement officers believe that cyclists need to ride as far to the right as possible, in order to allow a motorist to use the same lane. Neither history nor law support this.
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Every Motorist Needs To See This

Finally, police have the opportunity to truly appreciate and understand the legitimate safety concerns and needs of cyclists.
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How She Made A Grown Man Cry

Leo Stone will never forget the first time he saw bicycling's dance video.

When Sidewalk Riding Is Your Best Option

I'm not a fan of riding on sidewalks, but sometimes sidewalk riding is exactly the right thing to do.

Discovery and Choices

I choose an approach of appreciation for all my fellow travelers, and of freedom from fear and anxiety. CyclingSavvy training shows everyone how to make these choices!
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Let's Talk About Being "Reasonable"

In the center of the lane, all passes are safe. At the edge, about half of the passes are unsafe, because the motorist comes too close to me, too close to oncoming traffic, or both.
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The Real Door Zone Tragedy

Believe it or not, dooring never has to happen. The real tragedy is that door zone riding is so heavily promoted, even after decades of observing the carnage it causes.

Four Dimensions of CyclingSavvy

Now in the 21st Century, savvy cyclists are paving the way for a new understanding and acceptance of bicyclists into the transportation network of our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

How to Get Great Passing

Great passing was not always the norm for me. In my early days of commuting, I remember some terrifying close passes. Nowadays, it's rare that a motorist doesn't move at least halfway over a double yellow line to pass me, assuming there is no oncoming traffic. Many change lanes completely to pass. What's different?
Arne Buck turns prepares a right turn

My Fateful Meetup Ride

With awe I still compare and contrast the newfound knowledge and confidence Binbin developed in order to ride safely in traffic in one of the most challenging confluences of streets in Boston.