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How She Made A Grown Man Cry

Leo Stone will never forget the first time he saw the bicycling dance video.

'bicycling dance video' in real life

Leo Stone in Seattle. Geoff Hazel (behind the white minivan) is the other cyclist. No need for a car when you can use your bike

Before I tell you what happened, you need to know a couple of things about Leo.

He’s a renowned bicycle safety instructor in the Pacific Northwest, and founder of Cascade Outriders, a highly skilled group of elite cyclists who provide ride support for Cascade Bicycle Club, the nation’s largest.

When I met Leo last October, he told me how he flat-out cried when he first saw what’s become known as the dance video in the bicycling world.

His story stayed with me. I asked him about it again this week — and glad I did. It’s even more beautiful than I remembered.

In Leo’s words:

I saw that video many years ago — in the dark ages before Facebook. A friend of mine, the guy who qualified me as an LCI, posted the dance in the old Cascade Bicycle Club message boards.

I watched it.


I sat back with tears running down my face.

Because what Keri put in that video embodied what I could not find words for.

Empowerment, knowledge, skill.

I’ve long thought that cycling is the spontaneous joy of childhood overlaid with the wisdom of adulthood.

Keri captured that.

Leo’s talking about Keri Caffrey, co-founder of CyclingSavvy. If you haven’t seen her dance video, you’re in for a treat. And if you have, it’s worth watching again.

My favorite thing about the bicycling dance video: It’s full of the indicator species. ;-)

Yes! It’ll be a great day when every sister knows this dance.

Take command.



Be visible.

Be relevant.

Plan ahead.

Be strategic.

Be assertive.

Be aware.

Be confident.

Ride big.

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  1. Leo Stone
    Leo Stone says:


    That’s not a word I’d use to describe myself .
    I think quite a few of that teach, speak, or write about cycling, simply because someone needs to.
    And it’s still surprises me to be one of those people.

  2. Don Ricardo
    Don Ricardo says:

    I learned to properly ride a bicycle by learning to stay alive on a motorcycle. Be seen, control your lane, look 12 seconds ahead, learn to read cagers, also work on a bicycle. This was a good video.

  3. Schubert John
    Schubert John says:

    I felt similar emotions when I saw the video.
    Keri explains, convincingly, in a few minutes, things you can spend years trying to understand and convey.


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