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A Second Chance for Biking

I have taken over five hundred classes and I must say this course was done so well that I feel confident biking and it also made me a better driver. The class spent nine hours together learning every possible situation that could occur while cycling. It was the most intense training in many years. I like “hands on” training and that I got.

Couch Potato to Savvy Cyclist in 4.0 Months

by Monique Donahue Let’s face it: I’ve never been what you would call an athlete. Growing up, I lived what every clumsy kid fears most in PE class—being picked last for team activities. Every. Single. Time. It’s the kind of constant negative reinforcement that becomes a lifelong, self-fulfilling prophecy for an impressionable young girl. And […]

Freedom and Vitality on 3 Wheels

Twenty-seven years ago, after two 8-hour surgeries to remove benign tumors from my acoustic nerves, if you had told me I would ever ride a bike again I would not have believed you. The surgeries were successful but, as expected, hearing and vestibular function were significantly compromised. Swimming, skiing and cycling were out. By the […]

Just Like Riding a Bike

By John Alexander The old expression, “Just like Riding a Bike,” is often used to describe something that comes second nature and should be easy to do. It implies that we know everything about an activity and can take off where we left off. That couldn’t be farther from the truth when it actually comes […]